1 March 2015

5 day B&W photo challenge - Day 4


Who says baubles are just for Christmas?
My mother in law has this one hanging outside her back door.
Just perfect for a reflective selfie...

Bauble // 76sunflowers
I have been nominated, by the lovely Katie, to participate in the 5 day B&W photo challenge, as follows...

1. Post a black and white photo each day for five days.
2. Invite another blogger photo taker to take part each day.
Today I nominate someone to get behind her camera more, the lovely Over A Cuppa.
x x x



  1. That is a gorgeous photo x and I shall take the challenge. Looking outside at the moment may even not have to change the colour settings...where did the sunshine go?! x

  2. fabulous picture, really like the detail on the string too :)

  3. ha! this is so cool!! you little photographer you xx


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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