10 March 2015

Embrace happy

Embrace happy // 76sunflowers

Last Saturday at Blog on Cymru I sat and listened to the lovely voice of Karin from Embrace Happy.
Her soft American twang spoke words of happiness and positivity with the emphasis on trying to embrace this more in our lives.
Her words and anecdotes got me thinking.
A lot.

We all want to be happy but how often do we let the mundane things and monotony of everyday life smother that?
How often do we get mad at the small things that are not worth the energy to get mad about?
How often do we grumble over the little things out of our control?

Let's flip it on its head and ask...

How often do we stop and take stock of the positive things in our lives?
How often do we stop and think yes, that makes me happy?
How often do we tell anyone that they make us happy?!

As I type this I feel quite the hypocrite.
As I type this I imagine my husband reading and nodding his head in amusement at my questions because I am the worst.
I snap, I shout, I moan, I grumble - a lot of the time over the most ridiculous petty things.

I'm not saying that this will stop overnight, genetics and hormones have a lot to answer for, but I am going to try and find the flip side.
I am going to try and pause.
And think...

Can I find a positive in this?

I am going to try by joining in with Karin's #3goodthings on Instagram.
I am going to take stock at the end of the day, or during one of those quiet moments in the day, and look for the happiness.
And embrace it.

Embrace happy with a daily 3 good things // 76sunflowers

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  1. I absolutely love this post Viv! Amazing! Beautiful #3goodthings image and I simply love your thought process. Join in with us, you are already doing it! #embracehappy <3 ~Karin

  2. Another fab post Viv x love it. I try and see the positives in every day some days it keeps me going. Gorgeous sunshine, garden doors open all day with the sound of birds filling the house xxx


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