11 March 2015

Spring garden plans 2015 {#HDYGG}

It's always amusing to look back at past Spring plans for the garden and realise the planned picket fence to keep the chooks off the veggie plots hasn't come to fruition and the boundary fence with the neighbour is still precariously being held up by tree trunks growing through it!
So onto 2015 and our Spring garden plans!
I'd still like that picket fence to divide off the end of the garden - especially now the husband and children have turned their attention to making an end of garden hangout complete with log seats, fire pit and twirly things in the tree!

Fire pit // 76sunflowers
Log seats // 76sunflowers
Log seats // 76sunflowers
Fire pit // 76sunflowersGarden tree decorations // 76sunflowersTwisted Willow // 76sunflowers
The husband dug a fire pit a couple of weeks back and we have plans to cook and eat al fresco.
Log seats have been collected from a friend's wood yard and wood has been chopped.
We rescued this twisted Willow from near death years ago when it was found beneath a ravaging Laurel bush. It now stands, suitably decorated, in pride of place at the bottom of the garden ready to provide cover in the Summer months.
Daffodils // 76sunflowers
Elsewhere the daffodils remain fenced off for their own protection and are beginning to emerge from beneath the ground ready to brighten up the bottom of the garden - I now await signs of the tulips and alliums also planted here.
Yellow Crocuses // 76sunflowers
White Crocus // 76sunflowers
Iris & crocuses // 76sunflowers
Closer to the house we have more pots atop the piano.
An iris and crocuses add to the colourful display already provided by the potted daffodils.

This is such a wonderful time of year.
A time to make plans and look ahead to those warm heady days of Summer!

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  1. Love your fire pit and axe shot. I think my other half has plans along those lines for the garden.

  2. Roll on summer! I have a whole of list of plans which have never happened too *looks at fallen fence out of the window*.

  3. Yes you definitely need a picket fence, especially if the husband and kids have the fire pit and twirly things. Love the twisted willow, so characterful and perfect to hang things in! Good luck :) #hdygg

  4. I do love Spring and all the shoots of green and the bright colours. Also a lovely time to make plans and yours sound great. Love the fire pit and hang out area! Also, do you have a piano outside? Xx

  5. Loving the pots all lined up and the fire pit - cool! That totally makes me crave Camp Bestival again! I am going to suggest that Papasaurus makes a fire pit now - anything to get everyone out of the house :) I love my axe, it gets left outside the front door to freak out coldcallers ;)
    I do love this time of year - such optimism about all the colour to come and I can't wait to spend more time outside.
    Thanks for joining in and sharing again x

  6. Oooh - a fire pit. I wonder if I could think of somewhere for one of those!

  7. it is all so beautiful! you must be so glad to have the whole family involved like that!

  8. Sam@happyhomebird16 March 2015 at 02:01

    I love the garden hangout area, I'd happily sit by a Fire pit all night. Our garden plans are always like that, take so much longer than I'd like to actually happen. Gorgeous rows of pots.

  9. Beautiful bulbs and the area with the fire pit is a great idea x


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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