23 May 2015

Project 365 2015 #21

Week 21 of Project 365 2015 and the sun shone - for most of it.

Project 365 #21

Project 365 2015 day 137 - Tyntesfield // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 138 - Post run smile // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 139 - Tea & Coffee  // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 140 - Iris // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 141 - Allium // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 142 - Dandelions // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 143 - Chilling // 76sunflowers

Day 137
A chilly sunny day at Tyntesfield followed by a drive back over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and everyone was happy. The sky looked glorious above the house.
Day 138
A rainy morning but I was happy to run in it - fewer people on the pavements to hear my heavy breathing! I reached 7km today so was smiling when I got back.
Day 139
A rare trip into Bath with the husband today. I picked up a few running bits and we had a tea and coffee at one of our favourite spots followed by lunch.
Day 140
Back to work day. It was a long one but a good one and on my return there was an Iris on the patio left by the mother in law.
Day 141
I wandered down the garden after work today and discovered my alliums in full bloom. I love the shape of these flowers - like an exploding firework.
Day 142
Friday run tonight, a pleasant 5k round the villages then I spotted the sun setting so headed back to the field and found a blanket of dandelions.
Day 143
A nondescript day and I had a bit of time chilling in the shack with a book and a cuppa.
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  1. I love the first photo, and there are also some lovely photos of flowers this week. It sounds like you had a nice relaxing day today x

  2. Lovely photos - that allium is just stunning! Hope you had sunshine today. Ickle Pickle x

  3. Sarah MumofThree World23 May 2015 at 22:29

    Lots of lovely flowers for you this week! I've never heard of an allium, but it's look similar to a flower in our garden, so maybe I've got some too! Well done on the 7k!

  4. congrats on getting to 7km on your running :)
    your first photo is such a beauty that sky so dramatic against the old building. BUT i think my fav is the dandelion clock - all ready to blow away x

  5. looks like a lovely week, what are you reading at the moment? i need a new book soon

  6. Your photos seem so summery! Well done on your runs, seriously impressive!

  7. Wow some stunning photographs this week :-)

  8. some brilliant images, love your description of the alliums, and well done on the running x

  9. Sara (@mumturnedmom)26 May 2015 at 15:25

    Love the look of your tea and coffee break :) The iris and your alliums are beautiful. Snap on the dandelion, that made me smile too x

  10. Elaine Livingstone28 May 2015 at 10:58

    I would have a smile on my face ( or a heart attack) if I ran 7km as well.
    Love all the flower pics, the Iris was a nice pressie from your MIL.
    We all need time to relax.


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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