11 May 2015

Running & Goals {Run Mummy Run - Virtual Races}

RMR Medal Bling // 76sunflowers

Some of you that follow my Project 365 posts and Instagram feed may know that I am back out there running again. And a running me is a happy me. There have been pictures of my trainers, my apps, my sweaty tops, my negative splits and most recently my very first piece of running bling - my awesome RMR Spin into Spring 5k Virtual Race medal from Run Mummy Run and Virtual Runner UK.
See, it actually spins!

RMR Medal Bling // 76sunflowers

Now, I know 5k isn't that far but it is a start - well another start! You may recall that I trained myself up for the amazing Team Honk Relay last year where I ran 5 miles but then had a niggly IT Band a week afterwards. Following some pricey physio and a few painful runs I sadly decided to let running take a backseat.

In the mean time I focussed on yoga and trying to strengthen and correct my, quite frankly pretty shoddy, core and posture.

Fast forward to March this year when the girl asked me to go for a run with her and the buzz has returned. I researched some running stretches and have been extra careful to stretch, stretch and stretch some more before and after running - I particularly focus on stretches for the IT band and my foam roller has been my odd friend!

Now, the problem I have with running, and a lot of things in life, is patience, focus and attitude. There are days I feel I simply cannot be arsed to step outside the front door and run. When this starts to happen I set myself a goal. My first goal was the 5k Virtual Race - these are fantastic to do. Head to VirtualRunnerUk and you will find a selection of runs throughout the year; simply pick your distance, do your run in the given time slot, send in proof and await your race medal. It's as simple as that!

There is a downside though.
It gets addictive.
I've already signed myself up for the RMR Sparkle 5k in June to get my hands on one of these beauties...

RMR Sparkle Medal

And so for my next goal. I am signing up for the Race for Life 10k in July. This gives me two months to train sensibly and double my current running distance.
I can do that yes?!

x x x
Disclaimer: Run Mummy Run and Virtual Runner UK have had no influence in this post. I have written it purely to show how they have inspired me as a beginner runner. Go check them out!


  1. Sarah MumofThree World13 May 2015 at 06:54

    Yes! You can do it! The virtual races sound like a fab idea. So good to hear that you're back into running again:)

  2. How wonderful!! I might have to look these up (when I can manage a 5k that is!). What a great way to join in x


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