6 June 2015

Project 365 2015 #23

So it was back to school and back to work woes for week 23 of Project 365 2015. Still, being a fully fledged member of #embracehappy I was being positive.

Project 365 #23

Project 365 2015 day 151 - Barefoot in the grass // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 152 - Happy Rainy June // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 153 - Peonies // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 154 - Silver stars // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 155 - Forward fold // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 156 - Pizza // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2015 day 157 - Hook a duck // 76sunflowers

Day 151
Lazy Sunday! There seems to be a pattern there. A day at home with the children whilst the husband went to work but once he was back I was off out through the front door with my running kit on for a steady 4k round the block. When I got back I decided to do some yoga on the patio then walked barefoot on the grass - such a wonderful simple experience.
Day 152
Monday but the children were still home due to a teacher training day. My girl had a friend over so I could chill - with some colouring in of all things. The weather outside was terrible considering it was the 1st of June.
Day 153
The weather wasn't much better today so the kiddos got a ride into school. I got my haircut then promptly wrecked it by zooming out for my fastest 5k so far. Out front I spotted the raindrops on the peonies. These are strong peonies that survived a scaffolding base board being shoved on them a few weeks ago!
Day 154
Back to work day but staying positive. My reward stars on my 10k training chart are working - so far!
Day 155
A 5k was ticked off the training plan tonight followed by another yoga session on the patio. This is my garden as seen whilst doing a forward fold, in case you were wondering.
Day 156
I apologise for the photo of my tea - it is Friday, I am tired, I have not been that inspired! Hence the frozen pizza.
Day 157
It's that time of year again - hook a duck at the Summer Fayre!

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  1. chantelle hazelden6 June 2015 at 20:16

    aaaa loving the reward chart, glad it is working for you. got to love a good lazy sunday, it should be the law!!x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World6 June 2015 at 22:19

    That's a lot of stars on your reward chart! Well done on all your training. That's a very interesting view of your patio! You've managed to make that pizza look absolutely delicious!

  3. Love all the photos. Especially the rain drops on the window

  4. great pictures, and I like your reward chart idea! Glad someone else had some floral inspiration this week, and Friday night pizza is the best x

  5. love the colours and the light in the hooka duck photo - our school fayre is at the end of this month - so much to do, such little time!
    well done on your stars for running - you are dping so well
    nothing wrong with a pizza for when time is of the essence - or you cant be arsed to cook lol xx

  6. Sounds like the training is going well - I got my hair done too this week and it was wrecked as soon as I walked out the door!

  7. Love the rainy photo and that peony is gorgeous!

  8. Oh, I wasn't very clear! That's the sticker sheet, not that many on the actual chart...yet! :)

  9. it's been a long time since i've been to a fete, hope you enjoyed it

  10. I like the rain on window. I've not done colouring in for ages, I used to love helping my boys with theirs.


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