6 July 2015

Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015}

With less than four weeks to go before Camp Bestival 2015 kicks off I have started to get prepared so am thinking about what to take and what to make!

Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers

Year on year we have improved a lot of things; our packing technique, the 'what to take' list and those, oh so important, extras.
What follows are some ideas for adding a little bit of glamp to your camp, keeping the kiddos amused and saving some pennies.

Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers
Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers
Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowersTake & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers

Good planning always involves bubbles; these are an absolute go to when the children need a bit of down time either whilst setting up camp or chilling in a festival field. We always take loads - more than we think we will actually need. If you want to buy bubbles, bubble guns, bubble swords, even a smoke filled bubble machine then there is a tent onsite that will sell you it!
Hula hoop
Last year me and my girl made a hoop in a local charity tent - it cost about £5 - where pipe was cut to fit and we could choose our own colour taping. We will definitely look to do this again as you can never have too many hula hoops!
Gym ribbon
I saw this today in the local supermarket for £2 and thought my girl would love it - something to play with while she cartwheels down the campsite hills!
These balls are those ones that light up so great for a night time game of catch!
Glow sticks and fairy lights
Glow sticks are an amazing thing - they managed to keep my children occupied for hours on the castle field last year whilst we watched the music. Get a big set with lots of adaptors to make ears and glasses and they'll be happy! The battery operated fairy lights are fantastic for glamping your camping spot as well as attaching to any buggies or trolley you may take onsite.

Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers
Take & make {Camp Bestival 2015} // 76sunflowers
Tail and ears
This year's theme is Wild so I have made a fox tail - loosely following this tutorial - and ears should anyone want to partake. The boy already has a fox onesie - bought last year from the camping shop onsite - and the girl has a Pink Panther, but obviously I need something to get in the dressing up mood too! Not sure what I'm wearing on my actual body yet though?!
An absolute must in my camping book! Every year the tent is adorned with the stuff both inside and out where we make a little 'fence' from tent to tent. It's really simple to make - I have a guide here - or you can just cut out shapes, as in the top picture, and sew to bias tape.
For extra lists and guides click the pictures below!

http://www.76sunflowers.co.uk/2014/07/top-ten-extras-to-bring-camp-bestival.html    http://www.76sunflowers.co.uk/2012/08/camping-with-children.html    http://www.76sunflowers.co.uk/2012/06/surviving-family-festival.html
To see what else is going on at this year's festival check out the website.
For more information on tickets click here.
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Disclaimer: I am receiving family Camp Bestival 2015 tickets in return for previews and reviews of this year's festival. As always, views and opinions are my own.



  1. Great photos! It's easy to overlook the bubbles and bunting and other things that go into festivals when you are focusing on the packing so it's great to have this reminder!!

  2. I've got bunting (made some for the Diamond Jubilee, or was it the Royal Wedding? Either way, I'm glad to get use out of it again!!) and bubbles are on my list too! Thanks for your great posts about Camp Bestival xx


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