4 October 2015

Blog On Win ~ Thou shalt not compare thy blog to bigger and better ones

Yesterday I went to a small blogging conference run by Blog On at Winchester Science Centre.
This size of event I can cope with - other bigger conferences, although attended by me in the past, now scare me. Blog On Win though was like a warm, squishy Great Aunty welcoming me in with a huge squeeze.
I prefer smaller numbers of people. The numbers taking part did not scare me off with 70 bloggers and 10 speakers in attendance. Some of these bloggers and speakers were the big ones - you know the ones; everyone knows them, everyone recognises their logo, everyone wants their blog design and everyone wants their skills - and we got a snippet of those skills from them through discussion, hands on workshops - the photography with Annie was great - and just listening to them speak.

One of the big name bloggers there was The Unmumsy Mum who spoke hilariously about breaking the blogging rules.
Yes, some believe there are rules.
And I used to follow them.
Back in the distant days of 2011, when I started blogging, I did it all; the linkies, the tweeting, the klouting, the scoring, the interacting, the communication, the regular posting, the conferences. You name it I probably dabbled with it.
It became a little bit overwhelming. Actually it became a huge bit overwhelming.
But back to The Unmumsy Mum.
She spoke sense - a lot of sense.
She breaks the rules - more to the point she doesn't really know what the rules are let alone tries to follow them.
Here's some examples:
  • She still writes on a Blogger platform - I have lost count of the times bloggers have told me I should get my arse off the less professional Blogger and onto Squarespace or Wordpress or something more whizzy and slick. Heck, she even has a blogspot.co.uk URL.
  • She doesn't care about the Tots 100 - she didn't even know it was.
  • Her blog design is shite* and she doesn't have fancy buttons for all the social media platforms - but she doesn't need those as....
  • She's not even on Pinterest.
She's one hell of a rule breaker and I kind of like that.
Actually the but needs to be more effective.
None of that matters because she has 282,470 Facebook page followers.
And a book deal.
Hold on a second....
To compare, I have 68.
But you know what? I'm ok with that.
I love my little blog.
I love that it is still running on Blogger.
I love that I can just take part in Project 365 and post nothing else for months at a time because it is mine.
I love that when I have something to say I can just type out the words and put it out there.
I love that my blog is mine.

x x x

* Disclaimer - she says so herself. See...right here in this blog post on her **shite Blogger designed blog
** Disclaimer 2 - I'm just kidding, it's not shite at all, her blog is flipping fantastic.

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