21 December 2015

Musing on a Monday {Christmas, coughs & chemo}

I sit writing this in my warm conservatory as the wind rattles at the door and the rain pummels the roof - it always sounds a hundred times worse in here - having waited in all morning for the final delivery of presents to come. The plan was to then head out for a walk around the fields but the children just want to cosy up. I'm feeling a little bit stir crazy having been inside since returning from a quick jaunt to Lacock on Saturday but the sounds of the girl sneezing and coughing has made me realise that I have to ride this one out. Hopefully I can sneak out later once the husband is home even if just for a quick run around the block.

Musing on a Monday {Christmas, coughs & chemo}

Every Christmas, since being back at work, we have had illness in the house - coincidence? Last year I was out of it with no voice and a constant companion of paracetamol and hot honey and ginger instead of my usual festive tipples. The year before the husband was in bed for 48 hours meaning I had to step up and cook the Christmas dinner for the first time - I did a pretty mean job I must say. This year he is ill again and the girl is suffering, so much so we have had to cancel her filling appointment at the dentist tomorrow which I know she is gutted about!
Before this turns too much into a 'woe is me' type post I need to pause and take stock. I absolutely love Christmas and everything it means to us as a little family. We have always celebrated with either just ourselves and the in laws or the brother in law so never more than seven of us squeezed around the table. It is an event we always look forward to, and I'm learning to not look forward to things too much as they don't always turn out as planned. However, this Christmas will be a little different.
Other events put our coughs and sneezes into pale significance when we stop to think about Granddad; today Granddad is having his final round of chemo. The children know this but they really want Grandma and Granddad to be with us on Christmas Day tucking into the turkey and all the trimmings; at the wishing well in Lacock on Saturday the boy dropped in his coin and wished for Granddad to get better. We have warned them that Granddad may only be well enough to pop in and say hello, he might stay for dinner, we might even have to go to theirs to say hello on Christmas Day.
Christmas will feel a little bit different this year but there will be love, warmth, good food and obviously the presents to make it another special day for all of us.
Oh, and there will be a dog.

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