6 January 2016

40 things to do before 40

40 things to do before 40 // 76sunflowers

I woke up on January 1st panicking about two things; this year I am 40 and next year my baby girl starts Secondary School.
There is nothing I can do about either of them - although the girl keeps mentioning wanting to be home schooled but that it is not a realistic option.
I cannot hold back time but I can enjoy it. So, somewhat predictably, and maybe a bit late in the day seeing as there are only 248 days left until I hit the big four zero, I have created a 40 things to do before 40 list.
As tempting as it was to add Go to New England, Move house, Leave my job I have tried to keep it achievable and realistic!

40 things to do before 40

1.   Run in a 10k race
2.   Run 10 miles
3.   Complete a half marathon
4.   Run a total of 400+ miles
5.   Save £100 in my running jar (£1 a run)
6.   Get a meaningful tattoo
7.   Have a girl's night out
8.   Have a husband and wife night out
9.   Go and see some live music
10. Go to the cinema with the children
11. Go to the cinema without the children
12. Watch the sunrise
13. Watch the sunset
14. Visit the family in Norfolk
15. Eat fish and chips on the beach at Wells-next-the-sea
16. Run in Norfolk
17. Go on a long walk by myself
18. Go on a big walk from Lulworth Cove
19. Buy a lottery ticket
20. Write a letter to America
21. Write a letter to New Zealand
22. Take the children to London
23. Introduce the children to the Indiana Jones films
24. Lose 7 lbs
25. Meet up with an old friend
26. Learn to cartwheel again
27. Eat out as a family
28. Go camping
29. Read my subscription magazines cover to cover
30. Read more books
31. Practise more yoga
32. Use my DSLR properly
33. Get the children together with their English cousins
34. Take a train ride somewhere
35. Teach myself to knit again
36. Visit a new town/city
37. Visit a new National Trust property
38. Go fruit picking
39. Walk along a pier
40. Ride the dodgems

40 things to do before 40 // 76sunflowers

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