4 January 2016

Musing on a Monday {It's oh so quiet}

It is 11 o'clock as I sit and type my latest Musing on a Monday entry - and my first post of 2016 - and the realisation of the empty, quiet house has just hit me. The alarm awoke me from my less than restful sleep at 7 a.m. and it was time to get back into the weekly routine of school and work following 16 mornings of blissful waking up as and when we liked. Ironically, following a very wet and grey Christmas break, the sun is shining - perfect weather for a family day out. Typical. Once I had awoken the reluctant girl, and the, "I actually want to be back to school as I get to see my friends again," boy, packed lunches, made breakfast and went through the morning motions of the school run I was back in an empty house. I did a 30 day shred workout, washed up, unloaded the washing machine, loaded the tumble dryer, made a cup of tea, sat and wrote a list of what I need to do today but constantly the quietness enveloped me just a little too much. There was a time I craved this, needed it, could only survive with it but today I want my house full of the chatter of the children, the mess they make, the hugs available on tap.
Maybe I'm in denial; trying to hold back the time as my back to school day looms, peeking it's unwelcoming head around the corner.
Maybe I'm freaking out about the passing of time in general; I hit 40 this year, something that I am actually struggling with although I keep telling myself it's just a number and the world will keep on turning when that momentous day comes and goes.
Maybe I'm being selfish.
Maybe I need to re-evaluate my outlook again.

It is now 12.30 so maybe I need to stop getting lost in the world of YouTube which has resulted in me feeling really old; how was this 21 years ago??!!

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