12 January 2016

Running Diary {A Setback in the Plan}

Running Diary {A Setback in the Plan} // 76sunflowers

Today I headed out on my second 8 mile run for my half marathon training. I recently tweaked my training plan, for the final ten weeks preparation up to the big day on March 13th, leaving some room for adapting and adding in an extra run as and when. This week I added in an extra run by nipping out for a steady 3 mile run yesterday - this followed on from: last Tuesday 8 miles, Friday 3 miles intervals and Saturday 5 miles. The previous weeks have seen some good runs with no niggles in my left knee for a long time now - I have had IT band issues for which I have worked on with specific stretches and exercise - with steady progression in mileage and holding back on trying to increase speed at the same time. I was basically doing everything right.
Then it all went a bit wrong today.

The planned 8 miler started well at a steady pace, around the 9:45 minute mile mark, with the first 3 miles being a psychological barrier as usual but once the village church turning point was reached my head cleared. My stride was found and I got on with it. Then just before 7 miles I sensed that dull feeling in my upper leg and outer knee and knew exactly what was about to come. And there it was - the pain grew and I knew if I didn't slow up I would pay big time for it later. So, having learnt from previous mistakes I pulled up slowly to a stop, had a stretch and tentatively slowly plodded on. But I had to take it down to a walk. I had a blub then bit my lip for the mile walk home.

Back in the warmth of the house, and having had a hot shower, I started to have a think about it all and decided this was definitely an example of Sod's Law at play. Just this week my fundraising had hit the £50 mark after a slow start of nothing in the pot. Now I had to do the half marathon. People have actually sponsored me. So obviously something would have to go wrong. I posted my regular Instagram running update...

Failed training run today. Planned second 8 miler; pulled up at 7 with knee/ITBand issues. I may have cried.

I used the word 'failed'.
This could be read as, 'I am a failure at this running malarkey'.

A while later I rethought this downright negative attitude I was having and realised no, I have not failed, this is setback. This is why I have a training plan with time for adjustments. I need to readjust. I need to prioritise time for the exercises and stretches for my IT Band. They need to be done daily. Maybe I need to grab a marker plan and put that on the plan then hopefully there will be no more setbacks.

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  1. I haven't got that far yet in my training! Hope it's better this week X


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