4 February 2016

40 things to do before 40 {10 mile run & a letter to New Zealand}

With only seven and a bit months until the big four zero hits me I have made a headlong start on my 40 things to do before 40 list. The DSLR has been out weekly and I have explored aperture and shutter speed but I don't feel I am quite ready to tick off no. 32 on the list.
However, I can tick off numbers 2 and 21 - Run 10 miles and Write a letter to New Zealand - with a double whammy achieved on Tuesday this week.
Go me!

Run 10 miles {40 things to do before 40} // 76sunflowers

No 2 ~ Run 10 miles
The magical double figure mileage had been looming on my half marathon training plan for a while and today was the day. I had set out to do 9 but in the back of my mind I saw the magical 10 as being achievable - some days I just have to go further. I told myself that if at 8.5 miles my knee was feeling good then I would steam on to 10 miles. At 8.5 miles it felt good. At 9 miles? Not so much. But being the stubborn thing that I am, and as I had ran past the end of my lane anyway, I thought I would go for it. The 10 miles was reached and the knee was aching. But, and this is a good but, following a good old stretch, two pints of water, a hot cup of Earl Grey with a big sugar and one hot bubble bath I was descending the stairs with no problems at all - always a good sign.

Write a letter to New Zealand {40 things to do before 40} // 76sunflowers

No 21 ~ Write a letter to New Zealand
Back in June 2015 I received a lovely letter from one of my favourite Instagram people. Usually I am brilliant at replying straight away but for some crazy reason I didn't get out my writing paper until today. Bad I know. It was a lovely hour spent and made me realise how much I do love to write good old fashioned letters. The positivity of today continued and I got back in the swing of thinking about Embracing Happy with #3goodthings again.

So, 2/40 things are now complete.

What next?

x x x

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