17 February 2016

Running Diary {Long slow run}

Yesterday was a glorious day here in Wiltshire with the sun shining, a clear blue sky and a nice nip in the air - a perfect day to set out on my long, slow run of 10.5 miles. However, it is half term. Don't get me wrong I love the school break - it's a holiday for me and valuable days to spend with my children. But there was a run on the training plan and it said Tuesday! However I had to chill out a little there as work and family commitments meant I had to hold back a day. Instead I took the children for a walk up the Ridgeway which kept my restless feet active.
Running Diary {Long slow run}
So, today. My rescheduled long, slow run day. I looked out of the window at 7 a.m. and the beautiful sky from yesterday had been replaced with a blanket of grey and the rain was looming. And it was cold. I grabbed a bowl of muesli and a glass of water and had breakfast in bed. I then faffed over what to wear knowing that I hate to tie things round my waist but I gambled on the running jacket. By 8:50 I was out of the door leaving the children with the husband, who had delayed his start to the day so I could get out - love him - and I was off.

I felt like I was starting off slowly but a glance at my TomTom told me otherwise with my first 3 miles clocking in at 9:13, 9:12 and 9:01 minute miles - why does it feel like I am running slower than usual but actually zooming along at a decent pace?! Mile 4 was 8:54! I carried on with a pace in the low 9 minute mile area but felt comfortable with this. As I ran the miles got eaten up and the time passed me by in a haze; I'm never quite sure where the time goes to on my long runs, it seems to just evaporate and I have phases where my mind is completely clear of any thought. I love these moments and they definitely beat what happened towards the end of my run.

At 9 miles I felt like I was breezing back home then that familiar niggle reared up in my outer thigh heading down to my knee.
My clear calm mind was long gone and was replaced with me voicing my opinion as I ran;
"F**k off, f**k off"
My new mantra was born.
Not a positive one I admit but it helped - and I checked I was out of earshot of any other crazy people out in the cold and the rain. It became quite therapeutic as I ran alongside the busy A road back home wondering what the drivers thought of me as I half ran, half grimaced myself along clearly shouting profanities as I went.

Then I was off the busy road, under the subway - whose down slope made me wince even more - then it was the quiet side roads back home. Once the 10.5 miles had passed I stopped my TomTom, slowed up and walked the few hundred yards back before collapsing through my front door.

Now this is the good/frustrating bit. Once I stop the knee pain stops. Try running again though once I have stopped and oh my...there are no words!

Following a long, slow stretching session I went upstairs for a long hot bath and a cup of Earl Grey.
And coming back down the stairs was absolutely fine!
What's that about!?

I checked my TomTom afterwards and found it had not really been a long slow run at all - well not for me. I hit 10k at my usual 10k race rate and completed this run at a faster pace than my previous 8.5, 9 and 10 mile runs.
Running Diary {Long slow run} // 76sunflowers

A quick bit of maths told me that if I keep at this pace I'll finish a half in just over two hours.
Now, the competitive me wants a sub 2 hour but at what cost?

Maybe I do actually need to slow down and treat these runs as a long SLOW run!
Will I ever learn??

x x x

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