31 March 2016

Running Diary {Blue skies and illness}

Today I am sat inside whilst outside the sky looks like this...
Running Diary {Illness and the runner} // 76sunflowers
Beautiful isn't it? I have peeked at it through the open patio doors before quickly grabbing another tissue to wipe away my dripping nose and eyes for I am ill. And I don't do illness. As Sod's Law dictates illness has crept upon us just as we started to relax and enjoy the holiday away from the stresses of work and school. It weedled its way in getting my girl first and now it has me fully in its clutches.
I am peeved on a number of levels; it is the Easter holidays and we should be having days out and making memories - I am trying not to look at everyone's social media posts and images of happy families beneath sun streaked skies or runners out in the sunshine racking up their miles but obviously I take a peek and feel more sorry for myself. On a selfish level I am peeved as it has screwed up my running plans for the end of the month and I have missed my long run this week, which I was really looking forward to. This has now put me in panic mode; my fitness levels will drop, my legs will forget how to run, I have lost mileage this month rather than increasing it, my Hackney Half training plan is screwed. Tapering for the Bath Half earlier in the month stressed me out enough with the worry of lost mileage in my legs but realising that this month's mileage is less than January and February has played havoc with my competitive streak; I am meant to run more and more each month!
Running Dairy - March miles // 76sunflowers
Miles for March - 73
January - 78
February - 84
Miles so far in 2016 - 235

I need to look at the positives here:
I have ran 235 miles SO FAR this year.
My running jar is totting up the pounds nicely.
I have proven I can run a half marathon in sub 2 hours.
I have over 5 weeks until the Hackney Half so plenty of time to get better and get back out there.

In the meantime my mind hasn't been far from running and last night I devoured the e-book No Run Intended by Hannah E Phillips. Just 99p from Amazon and I can highly recommend it. I've also been thinking about a bigger challenge following the half marathons I have planned this year; Ben Smith is currently running 401 marathons in 401 days and he is running fairly local to me on the day before I turn 40 - I may be adding one more thing to my 40 things to do before 40 list!

But for now I am chugging on Berocca, consuming hot drinks, topping up my water levels and hoping that the husband and my boy can avoid the illness and we can enjoy the second week of the holidays.

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