11 April 2016

Musing on a Monday {Cornish Dreams}

As I sit in my conservatory, with the rain hammering loudly against the roof, I look back on our, far too brief, travels to Cornwall last week which reignited my Cornish dreams. We used to be regular visitors, staying with the Nomadic in laws in whichever cosy Cornish cottage they were living in at the time, and whenever we left my heart would sink as we were leaving the pull of the ocean behind us.
I have always felt at one by the sea and am sure it is where my soul needs to be. It makes me calm, it makes me still, it makes me listen, it makes me relax. My brain winds down; the chaos of everyday life and people, people, people, is washed away with the sound of crashing waves. The colours of the water and the smell of salt on the air washes a sense of calm over the stresses in my head. I switch off and feel connected to something.
I watch the children watching the sea and for a split moment we take our eyes off the rolling waves and they catch us unawares as we scrabble up the rocks. A quick lesson learnt to respect every single move the ocean makes. Surprisingly, the children laugh it off despite being drenched from the waist down. They seem to be in a happy place too.
Hours are spent walking the cliff tops, admiring the views, playing in the rock pools, running across the sand and sampling the local ice cream. These few days away were definitely needed; it brought our little family close again, it gave us time to push work worries out of our mind, it gave us time to think positive thoughts.
And as the sun set on our short break new ideas were ignited in our head; I want to go against the regular grain of life and follow my heart.
What if...?
Could we....?
Do we dare...?

x x x

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