2 April 2016

Project 366 2016 #13

I usually love the Easter break; two weeks off school and work giving enough time to wind down, relax, have a few lazy days and get out loads. However, when flu decides to come knocking it kind of messes things up a bit. Thankfully the days were sunny and even with the briefest of camera clicks I captured a picture for every day of week 13 for Project 366 2016.

Project 366 2016 day 87 - Easter Sunday // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 88 - Violas and heart  // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 89 - Four mile run // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 90 - Potting Violas // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 91 - Clear blue sky // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 92 - Bike ride // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 93 - Ladybirds // 76sunflowers

Day 87
Easter Sunday and my girl was poorly. She spent the whole day drifting in and out of sleep on the sofa and consuming not one bit of Easter chocolate. Plans for dinner at the in laws changed and we had a quiet day which involved me baking a rather nice Primrose Bakery chocolate cake and doing an old Davina DVD workout which made my glutes ache the next day, but also allowed me to eat the cake guilt free!
Day 88
Bank Holiday and the husband had to work. My girl was still ill so we had another quiet day in and I tackled the housework; dusting, hoovering, ironing. It was all quite productive. I stepped out for some fresh air onto the patio when I realised I hadn't left the house in two days.
Day 89
I woke up feeling a bit off but needed to get out of the house - and I needed to run. I set off, planning to do some hill intervals, but a mile and a half in I couldn't face it so turned back to do my 5k route instead. Then the heavens opened and I felt invigorated - I love running in the rain. This spurred me on and I did 4 miles. I then dragged the kiddos out to walk to the shops hoping to find Inside Out - sold out. Then later in the day I realised I had the same thing as my girl.
Day 90
Today was meant to be my long slow run of 10 miles but that was definitely not going to happen. I woke early and dosed myself up with Berocca, hot honey and ginger, water and paracetamol then promptly fell back to sleep until past noon. I crawled out of bed to shower and dress and eat - thankfully I had an appetite. In the afternoon I sat and watched my boy and the husband pot up the Violas.
Day 91
Went downhill today and can't actually recall much about the day. I do know that the sky was beautiful and I managed to pop my ahead out to have a look and to get a sniff of fresh air. My girl is still suffering too - think this might be the flu.
Day 92
Thankfully the husband has been around to help and to occupy the boy and today he attempted to get him out on his bike - this quickly turned into a rugby throw around. I shuffled around in a daze, beginning to feel like a zombie.
Day 93
I cannot believe how much I have slept this week. I woke late again but felt like I was on the turn. A hairwash and blowdry felt so good and I managed to peg the washing out - although that felt like I'd just run a 10k race. The sun is shining again and our garden is full of ladybirds; we counted a patch of at least 20 on the garden fence near the Bug Hotel.

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