14 May 2016

Project 366 2016 #19

Week 19 of Project 366 2016 has been a good week, oh yes it has!

Day 129
The day of the Hackney Half and it was hot. Around 25c towards the end of my run and it made me run with a completely different attitude. There was no point trying to get a PB so I chilled out, took on plenty of water and was chuffed to finish in 2:04:30 with no pain or heat exhaustion. Back home it was time to go barefoot in the garden and admire my latest race bling!
Day 130
A day to relax and I felt remarkably good getting out of bed today. I did the usual Monday chores and got on with hanging up the race bling from yesterday.
Day 131
I finally took the plunge tonight and went and tried out a local running club proudly wearing my Hackney Half finishers - it had to be done. It was a nice group of like-minded people and I pushed myself with a decent pace group on a 6 mile run. The sky looked ominous and not long into it we were soaked to the skin with heavy rain - good job I love running in the rain!
Day 132
I had a little look around the rather wet garden today after work and loved how the aquilegia held onto the raindrops.
Day 133
Early to bed with my book tonight following a secondary school taster session with my girl - I don't want to think about that too much!
Day 134
A lovely sunny day today with a definite sniff of Summer again in the air. Out on the patio the snails had met a grisly end after destroying our sunflowers. My heart rock seemed an ironic resting place for this one.
Day 135
A much welcomed lie in today - if you can call 7.30 a lie in! I took myself out for a much needed 5 mile run then it was back home to bake a birthday cake ready for the boy's belated birthday party. Outside the garden was warm and still with dandelions aplenty in the patches of 'meadow'.

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