28 May 2016

Project 366 2016 #21

Week 21 of Project 366 2016 saw some changes being made and lots of happy feelings.

Day 143
Today my boy tried his hardest to make a start on knocking down our front garden wall. He knocked off about an inch of brickwork and a call was put into Granddad to bring over his power tools!
Day 144
What a productive day; I went out for a lovely 7 mile run taking in some trail along the way and later this morning the father in law came round with his power tool ready to attack the wall. I have to say I did a pretty mean job and quite enjoyed myself!
Day 145
A quieter day today with a lovely walk to school and back in the sunshine. The nearby field was awash with buttercups and a chilled out day at home was rounded off with another enjoyable session at running club.
Day 146
Working Wednesday and back to a class of smiley children is always good for the soul. At home the irises are out - as an aside if I had ever had another daughter I would have named her Iris.
Day 147
A long day at work then time to unwind at a scrumptious session of yoga. The classes are not far from home so I walk to it and on the way home I floated along and admired the night sky.
Day 148
An eventful last day of term with some ups and downs so I unwound with a pear cider in the back garden whilst the husband sorted the barbeque.
Day 149
A warm and sticky 5 mile run this morning, which at the time I thought I was struggling with, and it was a lovely surprise when I got back to see that I had whizzed round in an 8:11 minute mile average pace. Little things like that make me smile! On the way I spotted a farmer ploughing his field.

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