1 May 2016

Running Diary {Hackney Half ~ Injury & Flu}

So we enter another month and it isn't long until my second half marathon in Hackney on May 8th.
Looking back there was a time when I thought I would just be a spectator and my running feet would be still...
12 days ago, towards the end of a long training run of 12 miles, my calf was in excruciating pain causing me to hobble for the next 48 hours. Turning to Dr Google, in hindsight probably not the best thing to do, I had visions of resting for anywhere between two - four weeks. Couple this with my nine days out at the end of March and beginning of April with flu, and I was not feeling prepared at all.
So I did the mature thing any runner with an injury can do - I sulked.
I was downright miserable.
Just ask my husband who may have bore the brunt of it - sorry hubby.
There followed six days of sulking as my calf got better to walk on but the thought of putting it through a run filled me with dread. I had another long run on the training plan that was not going to get done and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to throw in the towel quite yet so I raided the bank account and booked in with my physio.
Now the physio I have seen before is a past runner and sees running as a positive thing - not all physios do! He was super positive and assessed the calf as minor damage and could see the half as doable - but I was to drop the final 13 mile training run and focus on short and fast distances. One calf massage later I skipped out of his room and my mood changed so much in just 40 minutes - definitely worth the money!
Two days later I beat my 5k PB.
Four days later I ran a super comfortable 9 miles at race pace.

My mileage for April was significantly down due to flu and injury...
Miles for April - 65.5
March - 73
February - 84
January - 78

Miles so far in 2016 = 300.5

...but I am back on track to complete the Hackney Half. I may not beat my time set at Bath but my goal is to finish it, and enjoy it, with no pressures on myself.

x x x

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