25 June 2016

Project 366 2016 #25

Week 25 of Project 366 2016 started with optimism and finished with confusion.

Project 366 2016 day 171 - Woodland canopy // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 172 - Muddy run // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 173 - Cosmos // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 174 - 5k run & buttercups // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 175 - Yoga sky // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 176 - 10 mile run // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 177 - Waitrose bug hotel // 76sunflowers

Day 171
Father's Day and daddy had to work so we all went along for the ride! Afterwards we took a bit of a wet walk on top of the Mendips where we found some shelter, and den building fun, under the woodland canopy.
Day 172
A rather muddy run occurred today! I went out for 7 miles with a good mile and a bit of it being off road through thick mud - I have never laughed so much on my own before, or ran quite so slow!
Day 173
I did a spot of gardening today; cutting back swathes of long grass and nettles and failing to avoid the neighbourhood cat litter tray - my Birkenstocks were not impressed. Amidst the chaos the Cosmos were starting to flower.
Day 174
Last night I ditched running club for an extra yoga class - which was lush - so tonight I headed out for a quick 5k to keep my running legs alive.
Day 175
Referendum day and following a mad rush from work to the polling station and home for dinner I headed out to my usual Thursday evening yoga class. Tonight's yoga sky on the walk home was absolutely stunning and I was really hopeful it was a sign of good things to come.
Day 176
I don't want to get too political but today was a strange day with the Referendum vote going in Brexit's favour. On the plus side I had a day off work so took myself out on a 10 mile run with a heavy heart.
Day 177
A lazy Saturday which included a walk to town to go to the library and pick up some nice tea from Waitrose - which had a lovely bug hotel outside.

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