11 September 2016

Project 366 2016 #36

Week 36 of Project 366 2016 saw a return to school and work - and the big 40 getting closer and closer!
Project 366 2016 day 248 - Food & River Festival // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 249 - Running again // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 250 - Sunflower // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 251 - Yoga leggings // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 252 - H A P P Y // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 253 - Diamond earrings // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 254 - Last day of 39 // 76sunflowers

Day 248
We had a wander into town today for the annual River and Food Festival where we watched friends play in their band and I enjoyed some rather lovely vegan noodles.
Day 249
The children went back to school today so I blew the dust off my runners and took myself out for a gentle 5k. It was my first run in four weeks and it felt good - but I'm taking it easy.
Day 250
Some last minute prep for work tomorrow and some chilled out time at home. I'm hoping the sunflowers in the garden will last until my 40th - which is very soon!
Day 251
Back to work day was made easier with a quick walk from work to pick up a package of yoga leggings. You can never have too many pairs.
Day 252
Sunshine in the garden and the husband has been busy making some H A P P Y letters.
Day 253
Relief today as I found my diamond earrings - a gift over 12 years ago from the husband. The other day I managed to re-jiggle an earring through my ears that I thought had healed over. Now my girl wants hers pierced but that can wait.
Day 254
Last day of being 39! I had a lush day of yoga, a civilised Afternoon Tea, Prosecco and an evening curry. 40, I'm ready for you!
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