7 November 2016

Musing on a Monday {Gratitude}

Last week, following an intense yoga session stuffed full of strong warriors, inversions and even an attempt at a headstand, my lovely yoga teacher had us sit in a circle, post savasana and pre om, for some time to contemplate.
And the focus was gratitude.
Gratitude {Musing on a Monday} // 76sunflowers
In turn we each stated one thing we were grateful for - just one thing.
Following that evening's class I started to think a little more about gratitude and discovered it is a word, a feeling, an emotion even, that has increased in my life. The more I pondered the more I started to put this change in focus down to both my yoga and my age as, since turning 40, I feel my thoughts, outlooks and feelings have shifted quite dramatically.
I have been known to be quite a frustrated person, and can still be. There are times I want more; a bigger house, more money, a proper holiday. But there are times, increasingly, I stop and think about the world we currently live in; an ever changing world, not always for the better. A world full of war and conflict, refugees and homelessness, a visible increase in downright racist and xenophobic views in the media, online and on the streets that we walk everyday, feelings of bitterness and resentment towards other human beings, a rising element of fear. All in all a bit of a scary world into which my children are growing and forming their own opinions. I have never felt so concerned in my role as a parent, as a mother, to raise my children with good intentions; to be caring towards others, to not judge, to love and to be grateful. I therefore need to stop with my negativity and openly demonstrate my gratitude.
I need to stop with my negativity about the size of my house - I need to show gratitude to the fact that I have a home that keeps us safe and keeps us warm.
I need to stop with my negativity about money in general - we have an income that pays the mortgage, feeds us, clothes us, runs two cars and takes us on little breaks to Cornwall.
I need to stop with the negativity.
Full stop.
I need to show gratitude on a daily basis be it a quiet thought, a spoken word out loud, a discussion with my children.
We need to show gratitude.
Today I am grateful for having two strong legs that carried me round the neighbouring villages on a 5 mile run past sweeping fields and glorious views.
Gratitude {Musing on a Monday} // 76sunflowers
I paused to take in everything around me.
I paused to show gratitude.
Gratitude {Musing on a Monday} // 76sunflowers

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