20 May 2017

Project 365 2017 #20

Week 20 of Project 365 2017 turned me into a sniffing, coughing, self-pitying mess!

Project 365 2017 day 134 - Gavin & Stacey // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 135 - Singing Bowls // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 136 - Popcorn 'Chicken' // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 137 - Peonies // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 138 - Bubble bath // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 139 - Dandelions // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 140 - Failed slime// 76sunflowers

Day 134
A lazy Sunday again - I say lazy, it was actually a day full of household chores and prepping for the week ahead. I dream of a lazy Sunday. Tonight we vegged out watching Gavin & Stacey - which is now 10 years old!
Day 135
My cold came out today but I had three yoga sessions to get through; after each one I felt a little bit worse then after the final session, with the lovely toddlers, my body just let it all out! Earlier in the day I just wanted to sit and play my yoga teacher's singing bowls - I must get one of my own soon.
Day 136
I had a full day of teaching yoga in a local school today which was lovely - although tiring with my cold which had shifted overnight to my chest and developed into a cough. I made it through and had a simple dinner of popcorn chicken from Asda - no chicken involved at all as it is vegan! Not sure why they call it chicken though?!
Day 137
Felt a bit better so pushed myself out for a run tonight - panicking a bit as way off marathon training plan already due to illness. I managed a good 5 miles. The peonies are in my front garden and really brighten up the space.
Day 138
A long Thursday and then I felt rubbish again tonight - all bunged up in the head and my stomach decided to balloon again with pain leaving me looking 5 months pregnant for the evening, There seems to be no clear link to a particular food so just going to track it some more. Instead of going to yoga I sadly sunk into a hot bubble bath.
Day 139
Home early from work tonight so pushed myself out for a run. My head was all over the place and the 4 miles were filled with negative thoughts questioning my ability at training for a marathon, teaching yoga and generally being self-pitying. I sat in the garden for a bit with the dandelion weeds and sulked and had a sniff before shaking myself out of it. Looking at my splits on Strava later it was a really good run!
Day 140
A lovely morning of yoga today with three busy classes of children and parents. This afternoon the girl wanted to make slime so we headed off out to buy the ingredients. It wasn't quite successful and she ended up with a big bowl of foamy mess - but she spent two hours playing with it which kept her off YouTube, so all good!

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