31 July 2017

Project 365 2017 #30

Week 30 of Project 365 2017 and the summer holiday has arrived!

Project 365 2017 day 204 - Yoga & incense // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 205 - Yoga hoody // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 206 - Camp Bestival tent // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 207 - Rain // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 208 - Blue skies at Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 209 - Yoga at Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 210 - Kid's field at Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers

Day 204
A lazy Sunday that included some yoga in the conservatory with the incense burning.
Day 205
A few jobs to do today including the dreaded holiday trip to the dentist, getting some new air beds, buying the girl's secondary school uniform - ouch! - and picking up my new yoga hoody from the local printer.
Day 206
A lovely sunny Tuesday and time to put the tent up for an airing before Camp Bestival!
Day 207
Some pre-festival rain arrived today, let's hope it all goes before the weekend.
Day 208
Safely in Lulworth, and with camp set up, we had an evening stroll around the festival site. We were really hoping the sunshine and blue skies would continue!
Day 209
Friday morning started with some vinyasa flow yoga under the yoga awning. It was all lovely until the heavens opened during savasana and I was wishing it was an actual enclosed tent!
Day 210
Saturday and the rain had continued for most of yesterday and into today but we didn't let it dampen our spirits too much. We explored the Kid's Field a bit today and the rain did stop at times!

x x x

23 July 2017

Project 365 2017 #29

Week 29 of Project 365 and emotions ran sky high with a week of 'lasts'!

Project 365 2017 day 197 - Shanti Warrior Yoga Workshop // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 198 - Yoga Shed // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 199 - Last walk to Primary School // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 200 - Alliums // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 201 - Gifts // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 202 - Meditation & sound bath // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 203 - View from the in-laws // 76sunflowers

Day 197
The girl had her friends over this afternoon for some birthday pampering and pizzas but before that I snuck out of the house for an amazing 8am yoga warrior workshop with the amazing Brendan Murphy from Shanti Warrior Yoga.
Day 198
It was my last day of yoga teaching at the Yoga Shed today but I have found a new venue for my Home Ed sessions in September. I will really miss this place though.
Day 199
Today saw my last day of walking my girl to and from primary school - she happily held my hand for some of the walk home.
Day 200
Last working day of this academic year for my job-share and she gave me a lovely bunch of alliums - she was a little worried they smelt a bit 'oniony' but no complaints at home!
Day 201
Not quite the last day for me at work but my lovely team gave me some super gifts - and all accidentally vegan too! This afternoon was also my girl's leavers assembly where a few tears were shed.
Day 202
Last day of the school year for me and the kiddos and last day of Primary school for the girl. There was also a first tonight for me; I went to a meditation and sound bath session and met some lovely new yoga people.
Day 203
Yesterday was Grandpa's birthday and this afternoon we headed over to the in-laws for a bit of a soggy BBQ. The view from their place is lovely and we're just hoping this isn't another last event.

x x x 

17 July 2017

Summer Emotions

This weekend my girl turned 11; her last birthday before heading off to secondary school in September. These two events are in no doubt causing me to be very emotional at the moment. Year on year the children's birthdays set me off on a path of mixed emotions and I become an absolute nightmare to live with whilst I deal with it. We are also at the start of the last week of the school year and I'm getting emotional about everything; the girl's leaver's assembly on Thursday, finishing this academic year of yoga teaching, realising the holiday is only a week away and I'm meant to be running the Norwich 10k race in less than 3 weeks and I can only just walk on a knackered achilles, realising that, despite a positive physio appointment 2 weeks ago, I will have to shelve the planned marathon in September. Then I think to myself that in the grand scheme of things these are only little stresses and I should do the simple thing of 'snapping out of it'. Sometimes I can but sometimes I can't. I am quite an emotional thing with quite a fiery streak - just ask the husband. As cliche as it sounds, running is my therapy - well one of them, yoga being the other. Running gives me time, it gives me fresh air, it gives me exercise, it clears my mind, it makes me feel great. Simply put, not being able to do it is really getting me down. Now I could just leave it at that but I do have a positive side to me. I am telling myself it could be way worse than having to shelve some races and take it easy. So I'm going to now look ahead to the summer and think of the positives!
In less than two weeks we'll be taking our annual trip down the A350 to Dorset for the tenth installment of Camp Bestival! This will be our eighth Camp Bestival and that simple fact obviously means it is an event that as a family we would highly recommend - here was last year's review.

I may not be running there this year but I'm going to take the annual trip east along the joyous M4, M25 & M11 to my home county of Norfolk - the thought of the Norfolk coast is already making me smile!
   Greenacres Camping // 76sunflowers
The wide open space of Greenacres needs to be booked for some family chill-out camping time.

Soul Circus gives me my yoga festival hit for the summer. I am so looking forward to three days of rolling out my yoga mat in the amazing tents and chilling in some pure indulgent me-time. Last year's inaugural event was fantastic and I reviewed it here.

And there is also the simple fact that alarm clocks can be switched off, school bags can be hidden under the stairs and we can just chill with the family.

So, and I do need to remind myself of this, there's a lot to be positive about.

x x x


15 July 2017

Project 365 2017 #28

Week 28 of Project 365 2017 and I'm missing being able to take scenic running photos - the lack of this physical escape is really getting me down.

Project 365 2017 day 190 - Gardening // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 191 - Bike ride // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 192 - Ikea kitchen // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 193 - Spoons & spatulas // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 194 - Flowers // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 195 - Yoga training course // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 196 - Bath street performer // 76sunflowers

Day 190
Tackled the garden a bit more today weeding the vegetable patch and fighting an endless battle with bindweed. I feel like I'm losing a lot of fights at the mo.
Day 191
Got myself out on the husband's bike again today but am now worried I'll damage myself elsewhere riding a frame that is technically too big for me.
Day 192
A fun morning in Ikea today buying a new mattress, sideboard and lots of bits for the girl. It made me smile seeing the kitchen, which is better equipped than mine, in their 1 bed studio apartment set-up!
Day 193
A bit of furniture moving and tidying up of work tops - I gathered up all the husband's recent spoons and spatulas he has made.
Day 194
Lovely flowers from one of my little boys at work.
Day 195
I finally made the commitment to sign up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course after weeks of changing my mind, self doubt and questioning a lot of stuff. But I decided life is too short so I may as well add another ball to the juggling set!
Day 196
Today my girl turned 11 and we went to Bath for lunch, cinema, ear piercing and a few extra treats. We had a bit of girly time and spent a while wondering how this street performer sat still for so long!

x x x

8 July 2017

Project 365 2017 #27

Week 27 of Project 365 2017 has seen my patience with myself stretched whilst counting down the days to the summer holiday - two more weeks.

Project 365 2017 day 183 - Tennis courts // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 184 - The sky's the limit // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 185 - Bradford-on-Avon // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 186 - Sweet peas // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 187 - Yoga sky // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 188 - Yoga pants // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 189 - Savernake Forest // 76sunflowers

Day 183
A hot day but the children fancied a go on the tennis courts in a nearby village. Unfortunately I couldn't join them on the court and had to settle with sitting on the bench watching them and the husband attempt some rallies.
Day 184
I got through my yoga teaching today then hit the mat at home before the children came home from school. I tried to focus on the words The sky's the limit but feel my goal for this year may be way out of reach.
Day 185
I finally got around to booking a physio appointment in nearby Bradford-on-Avon. He was positive and believed the September marathon could still be achievable as the damage to my achilles didn't seem too bad. He told me to get out on a bike, which I did this afternoon with my first ride in 12 years, and to do a walk/jog on the weekend if I was walking comfortably by then.
Day 186
Still hobbling a bit at work but trying to focus and remember how to walk without a limp! Back home the first bunch of sweet peas had been cut.
Day 187
Back to yoga class tonight after having to miss last week. It felt so good to be back and there was only a little bit I couldn't manage - the yoga sky was looking beautiful tonight.
Day 188
Friday at last! The husband was out for the night so once the children were off to bed I chilled out in my new baggy yoga pants and hit the yoga mat.
Day 189
Saturday morning yoga classes taught then this afternoon we headed over to Savernake Forest for a gentle walk through the trees. I managed about 3 miles of walking but there is no way I can attempt any jog yet as there is still some discomfort there.

x x x

1 July 2017

Project 365 2017 #26

Week 26 of Project 365 2017 saw me make a big running mistake which ended in tears and frustration.

Project 365 2017 day 176 - Wood yard view // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 177 - Monday yoga // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 178 - Long run lavender // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 179 - Ice // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 180 - Horse // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 181 - Chilling // 76sunflowers
Project 365 2017 day 182 - Yoga reading & plans // 76sunflowers

Day 176
A lovely sunny lazy Sunday and we headed up to a friend's wood yard so the husband could pick up a woodworking horse - the view was beautiful.
Day 177
Monday yoga classes kept me busy today.
Day 178
Long run Tuesday and I was excited to aim for 16 miles today. I had a little niggle in my achilles which I thought I could run off - big mistake. It was an out and back route and 8 miles out it was more than a niggle but running was more comfortable than walking so we ran the 8 miles back. The end of those miles could not come soon enough and I knew it wasn't good, but the lavender outside my friend's house still caught my eye, and camera.
Day 179
Work was difficult today primarily due to me hobbling and being unable to rest my, now big fat swollen, achilles. Back home it was time to ice it before heading out to the girl's secondary school induction evening - which was a little underwhelming.
Day 180
A second day of hobbling around at work then back home where I found the husband on his horse down the end of the garden.
Day 181
The frustration kicked in big time tonight and there were tears on the yoga mat as I struggled to do any kind of asana practice so I just took some time to chill.
Day 182
I managed the morning's yoga classes then spent some time in the garden this afternoon. The in-laws took the kiddos to their school fete and the husband was out with a friend so I took some time to do some reading and make some plans - and relaxed.

x x x
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