17 July 2017

Summer Emotions

This weekend my girl turned 11; her last birthday before heading off to secondary school in September. These two events are in no doubt causing me to be very emotional at the moment. Year on year the children's birthdays set me off on a path of mixed emotions and I become an absolute nightmare to live with whilst I deal with it. We are also at the start of the last week of the school year and I'm getting emotional about everything; the girl's leaver's assembly on Thursday, finishing this academic year of yoga teaching, realising the holiday is only a week away and I'm meant to be running the Norwich 10k race in less than 3 weeks and I can only just walk on a knackered achilles, realising that, despite a positive physio appointment 2 weeks ago, I will have to shelve the planned marathon in September. Then I think to myself that in the grand scheme of things these are only little stresses and I should do the simple thing of 'snapping out of it'. Sometimes I can but sometimes I can't. I am quite an emotional thing with quite a fiery streak - just ask the husband. As cliche as it sounds, running is my therapy - well one of them, yoga being the other. Running gives me time, it gives me fresh air, it gives me exercise, it clears my mind, it makes me feel great. Simply put, not being able to do it is really getting me down. Now I could just leave it at that but I do have a positive side to me. I am telling myself it could be way worse than having to shelve some races and take it easy. So I'm going to now look ahead to the summer and think of the positives!
In less than two weeks we'll be taking our annual trip down the A350 to Dorset for the tenth installment of Camp Bestival! This will be our eighth Camp Bestival and that simple fact obviously means it is an event that as a family we would highly recommend - here was last year's review.

I may not be running there this year but I'm going to take the annual trip east along the joyous M4, M25 & M11 to my home county of Norfolk - the thought of the Norfolk coast is already making me smile!
   Greenacres Camping // 76sunflowers
The wide open space of Greenacres needs to be booked for some family chill-out camping time.

Soul Circus gives me my yoga festival hit for the summer. I am so looking forward to three days of rolling out my yoga mat in the amazing tents and chilling in some pure indulgent me-time. Last year's inaugural event was fantastic and I reviewed it here.

And there is also the simple fact that alarm clocks can be switched off, school bags can be hidden under the stairs and we can just chill with the family.

So, and I do need to remind myself of this, there's a lot to be positive about.

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