24 March 2021

Getting back to blogging

It's been 941 days since I last blogged but today felt the urge to check back in.

It has taken me over an hour to login successfully having forgotten passwords, trying to find which email this blog is linked to, and what platform it's running on; I blame my age and time of life as a female for most of that!

So, where have I been?

Since 26th August 2018 I have quit my teaching career, retrained, set up my own business, stepped away from said business due to the impact of Covid-19, taken on a new job to fill the gap, tried something new, left a job within two weeks as it wasn't working for me, and finally settled into a new post which gives me a great home and worklife balance - for which I am truly grateful. 

I don't run like I used to but instead have found a real love for walking.

The children are no longer little but instead have flourished and are now into full teen territory.

We still haven't moved to Cornwall but instead have bought a small wood in neighbouring Devon.

The sun is shining, Spring is here, I have a smile on my face and after a rather bizarre 12 months of uncertainty, lockdowns, clapping on doorsteps, home learning, back to school, back home again, burst bubbles and all the related stresses and strains on everybody I am now really looking forward to 2021.

I do love making plans and writing lists so here's just a snippet of my 2021 intentions:

  • embrace the outdoors more and more each week
  • find more walks close to home
  • camp in our little woodland
  • begin to walk the South West Coast Path

As I approach the halfway mark of my forties I am going to give myself some goals to work towards, or hopefully achieve, before I hit the big five zero.  There are just a few on this list already:
  • wild camp
  • walk The Ridgeway continuously
  • walk the South West Coast Path continuously
  • get back to New England
A girl has to dream right?!
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